Minister Dao Ngoc Dung receives Japanese Ambassador to Vietnam

Date modify: 01-09-2019
On January 07th, 2019, at the Ministry's Head office, Minister Dao Ngoc Dung had a cordial meeting with Mr. Umeda Kunio, Japanese Ambassador to Vietnam in order to discuss some contents on dispatching Vietnamese trainees to work in Japan.

Sharing with the Ambassador, Minister Dao Ngoc Dung said that the Labour policies in Vietnam currently were quite good, labour from non-official sectors move to official sectors with labour contract account for 45.23%, unemployed rate in labour who has college and university degree in 2018 decreased by 50% compared with the last year. In 2019, besides submiting Labour Code (amendment)  to the National Assembly for approvement, the Government also agreed with preparing to submit the content on amending Law on dispatching Vietnamese labour to work overseas, foreseen, it would be submit to the National Assembly for approvement in 2020.

According to the Minister, Japan is one of the labour market having the good working condition and  high labour income where Vietnamese labours favour. The Minister also said that Vietnamese nursing was highly appreciated by the Japanese side, because the number of nurses who can get the national certification on nursing reached 80%-90%. However, the issue of cooperation on dispatching trainees to work in Japan still remains some limitations. The two sides should discuss specificly towards signing the MOU, unify the principles, implementation method ensuring the effect of providing the human resource for the professions, fields which Japanese side is in shortage.

In response to Minister Dao Ngoc Dung, Mr. Umeda Kunio said that, in 2018, the Internship Program was the focus of human resource cooperation (mainly technical transfer), especially in the fields which Japan is lacking labour, foreign human resources with skills will suppliment that positions for the Japanese side. Mr. Umeda Kunio acknowldged the Minister's comments, in which focusing on  allowing foreign interns to meet the conditions to extend their working time in Japan to 5 years. "The new labour law will set up recruiting and stricter management mechanisms for both accepting businesses and trainees. Some agencies managing foreign workers will be newly established, that will  better protect the legal rights of trainees, better manage the legal violations of enterprises and foreign workers,” Mr. Umeda Kunio said.

Minister Dao Ngoc Dung acknowledged the Ambassador's comments and emphasized that the two sides should strengthen the management of businesses,  implement the principle of bringing Vietnamese workers to Japan through the organization. In Vietnam, this is a special field, the sector related to people, so the licensing and management of businesses operating in this field has been done very tightly. At the same time, the two sides should discuss on signing a MOU, unify the principles and ways to proceed so closely and effectively in the direction of caring for human resources for industries and fields that Japan is in shortage.


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