Japan wants to cooperate with Vietnam in high quality human resource training

Date modify: 07-03-2018
On July 2th, 2018, at the Head Office of the Ministry, Deputy Minister Le Quan had a cordial meeting with Mr. Isao Taniguchi – President of the Association of the technology education colleges in Japan. Attending the meeting were the Department of International Cooperation, the Directorate of Vocational Education.

At the meeting, the two sides reaffirmed a part of the Joint statement (on May 31st, 2018) between Vietnam and Japan in the visit of the President Tran Dai Quang to Japan. Accordingly, the two Leaders of Vietnam and Japan shared the intention of strengthening cooperation in the field of high quality human resource training in the industrial areas, including, establishing the representative agency of the Association of the technical training colleges of Japan (KOSEN), implementing the study to apply the model of KOSEN in Vietnam.

Introducing the model of KOSEN, Mr. Isao Taniguchi said that, KOSEN is the training organization of the engineering education college in Japan. The operation of the organization have had a lot of success and contributed in the economic development of Japan with the base of science and technology.

KOSEN was established in 1962, in 2004, 51 KOSEN colleges on the whole country was unified and became a Governed organization. KOSEN trains engineering for 5 years from 15 year old. Training the advance course in 2 years (finishing the course 2 years equal to the university level). During the training process, the practical skill, experiment has been focused. After 9 years of the compulsory education (Primary and Pre-high School), there are only 1% students participating KOSEN. KOSEN currently makes an effort to communication to pre- high school and high school students aware of the important of technology in the society. The student having the outstanding achievement in math and physics, with the strong determination and the love with technology can be the student of KOSEN.

Mr. Isao Taniguchi says that KOSEN can help Vietnam receiving KOSEN’s students from Vietnam, training lecturers for education purposes of KOSEN; Connecting with Japanese businesses, contributing to the industrial development of Vietnam and Vietnamese graduated students of KOSEN will be an important human resource for Vietnam.

Highly appreciating KOSEN model, Deputy Minister Le Quan affirmed that this model with the flexible combination of practical training and development in cultural training and education, with special emphasis on quality and behaviors for learners. KOSEN was interested in recruiting talented students to train based on the ability to create inspiration thinking as well as finding out, grasp social issues and solve problems with the guidance of teachers.

When approaching the KOSEN model, the issues that Deputy Minister Le Quan considered that this model has not attracted many good students. The reason due to Vietnamese enterprises mainly develops trade and service sectors, and do not focus on developing manufacturing industrial. Especially, there are not many job opportunities in science and technology and Vietnamese people still prefer to get higher degrees than to learn to have suitable jobs and professional passion.

At the meeting, the Deputy Minister requested KOSEN to quickly complete the project to set up a KOSEN office in Vietnam so that the two sides can meet regularly and exchange the cooperation activities as well as wish KOSEN to study the establishment of a KOSEN training facilities in Vietnam.

Finally, the Deputy Minister suggested that KOSEN allow MOLISA to participate as the unit to co-organize the KOSEN Robocon event in Vietnam in 2019. The Deputy Minister Le Quan said that this was an important event attracting students who love technology and being the chance to promote communication about the system of vocational education in Vietnam.


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