Portal providing information on heroic martyrs, Martyrs’ graves and martyrs’ Cemetery to be launched before the date of July 20th

Date modify: 06-18-2018
This is the direction of the Minister of Labour – Invalids and Social Affairs (MOLISA) Dao Ngoc Dung at the working session with Vietnam Post Corporation (VNPost) about the Scheme of Portal providing information on heroic martyrs, Martyrs’ graves and martyrs’ Cemetery on June 15th, 2018, at the Ministry’s Head office. According to the objective of the Scheme, in the first period, the portal will be launched in July, 2018.

According the report of VNPost, currently, on the whole country, there were 836,329 martyrs’ graves collected, 3,080 martyrs’ Cemeteries, accounted for 95% the total of martyrs’ graves having data in the database of MOLISA. 41 post offices in provinces, cities has completed the work of collecting data, 22 post offices in provinces, cities have not completed the work of collection of the data caused by the martyrs’ Cemeteries is restored, repaired.

At the presently, VNPost has been reviewing image quality, cemetery’s map information, information for new graves, information on misleading informed graves, as well as the  cases of the graves are marked as martyrs.
However, in the process of taking photos, collecting information at the martyrs cemetery, VNPost have been facing some difficulties, such as: the grading layout of Cemetery are not standardized, the grave number is not standardized, the data collected at each cemetery is not sufficient; The work of re-decorating the cemeteries of some Department of Labour - Invalids and Social Affairs have been more slowly than the progress of photography, data collection; Some cemeteries have been planned and changed...

Speaking at the meeting, Minister Dao Ngoc Dung praised VNPost for actively collecting data to digitize information and provide practical images about martyrs' graves and martyrs’ Cemeteries on the whole country with the gratitude to people with merit...

According to Minister Dao Ngoc Dung, building the portal providing information on martyrs, martyrs’ graves of martyrs' cemetery is not only grateful and meaningful activity, but also creates the condition for people and the martyrs’ relatives accessing the information on martyrs, martyrs’ graves and martyrs’ cemetery faster, more accurate. Thereby, it will help to reduce the difficulties in the journey of finding the martyrs’ remains of their relatives.

Accordingly, the Minister suggested that before July 20, 2018, the Portal providing  information on heroic martyrs, martyrs 'graves and martyrs' Cemeteries would be published on the occasion of the 71th anniversary of the Day of war invalids and martyrs.  

According to the Minister, the launch of the portal is just the first step, there is the great workload to do in the next stage. Therefore, the Minister suggested some issues that should be noticed when receiving, handover. In principle, he assigned to the state management agency in this field, the Department of Devotee People, but in the second phase the Minister requested VnPost to continue to update the information movement after the handover. In terms of technical infrastructure management, this is an independent website to serve the best convenience for people.

About the difficulties that VNPost raised, the Minister asked the Ministry Office and the Department of Devotee People to direct the local Department of Labour – Invalids and Social Affairs to coordinate with VNPost to review data collection. This is also a chance to restore, repair the martyrs’ cemeteries.


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