Nearly 10,000 Vietnamese labours working abroad in August 2017

Date modify: 09-14-2017
According statistic reported by enterprises, the total number of Vietnamese workers sent to work abroad in August 2017 was 9,989 people.

The Department of Overseas Labour announced that according to the data released by enterprises, total number of Vietnamese workers sent abroad to work in August 2017 was 9,989 (3,448 female workers), including markets Japan: 3,482 labours (1,027 female labourers), Saudi Arabia: 201 labours (195 female labourers), South Korea: 153 labours ( 16 female workers), Malaysia: 74 labourers (52 female workers), Algeria: 52 male labourers, Turkey: 40 male labourers and other markets.
The number of labourers working abroad in August 2017 was 89.27% ​​compared to the same period last year (the number of labourers working abroad in August 2016 was 11.189 people).
Thus, in the first eight months of 2017, the total number of Vietnamese labourers working abroad is 78,938 people (29,496 female workers) reaching 75.16% target of the year 2017, of which Taiwan: 31,225 labourers (12,001 female workers), South Korea: 3,348 labourers (330 female labourers), Saudi Arabia: 2,431 labourers (2,288 female labourers Malaysia: 814 labours (462 female labours), Algeria: 438 male workers and other markets.


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