Minister Dao Ngoc Dung had a meeting with press agencies of Ministry of Labours-Invalids and Social Affairs (MOLISA)

Date modify: 09-28-2016

Minister Dao Ngoc Dung being taken a photo with representatives of MOLISA press agencies.
On September 22nd, at the Headquarters of MOLISA, Minister Dao Ngoc Dung had a working session with the press agencies under the management of MOLISA, including: Labours and Social Affairs Newspaper, Labour and Social Affairs Review, Family and Children Review, MOLISA Online portal and Communication Consulting Services.
Deputy Minister Dao Hong Lan, leader of MOLISA offices, Department of Organization - Officials and Department of Planning - Finance, Legal Department;  Party leaders and key staff of the press agencies related to MOLISA participated in this session.
At the meeting, leaders of press agencies reported to Minister Dao Ngoc Dung about their recent performance. According to objectives and target of these agencies and offices on higher level, the meeting would determine which is the priority, breakthrough, the responsibility of the agencies for the press sector for sustainable development.
Minister Dao Ngoc Dung led the meeting
Nguyen Thanh Phong, Chief Editor of Labour and Social Affairs Newspaper presented the organizational structure of the original unit with 3 professional rooms,  3 specialized room and 4 representative offices ... with total staff and employees, reporters, editors of 66 people. So far, with publish productivity of 3 times / week, the number of issued 13 thousand  copies/ time, Labour and Social Affairs Newspaper has confirmed its position, which specializes in the field of labour and employment; vocational training; people with the ... Especially, Online Livelihood Review has taken advantages of the updated information, reflect events of  industry and the country in time with the number of visitors up to 35 thousand  times/ day ...
Reporting to the Minister on the development of Labour and Social Affairs Review in recent years, Mr. Bui Van Trach, Editor-in-chef stated: " Labour and Social Affairs Review has always adhered mission and principles, aimed to focus on extensive propaganda and policies of the Party and the State, to clarify the views, orientation, and solutions implemented on labour policy, devotees and society, experience sharing or specific cases during policy implementation at the local. This review is published twice a month with in-depth articles on theory, research and practical issues related to practical goals.
Currently, Labour and Social Affairs Review has released about 19.000 copies/issue and most of them were ordered by many cities and provinces to send to communes and wards level. Online Labour and Social review has also worked stably and followed the duties of ministries and national events ... In addition, the Journal co-operated with the local to print books and hold events, seminars; completed financial targets and the obligated to pay the state budget ...
The representative of Families and Children Review, Editorial Board of MOLISA online portal and Communications Consulting Services also presented the advantages and difficulties in the implementation of communication tasks, and also mentioned a number of recommendations in order to improve the organizational structure as well as the development orientation in the future ... Next, Deputy Minister Dao Hong Lan and representatives of the Office, Organization Department - Officer, Department of Planning - Finance, Legal Department suggested some opinions focusing on helping press agencies to create a strategic orientation.
Deputy Minister Dao Hong Lan appraised the status of MOLISA press agencies in the recent times.
In conclusion, Minister Dao Ngoc Dung said that press agencies of MOLISA have contributed a lot to deliver policies and regulations of Party to people effectively and in time. Besides that, the number of editors, journalists, officers,…. has increased particularly. However, their performance still has limits such as  lack of political knowledge, providing unofficial information, low-skills,…. The Minister stressed: "Journalism is the pioneer to  deliver policies of the Ministry to the people and workers, in order to implement decisions which were not so different from reality. Therefore, all press agencies of MOLISA have to understand in depth some below statements:
Firstly, journalism is a tool and motivation of the MOLISA in the field of ideology. The media needs to reflect, timely grasp of social mood, popular, provide information, guidelines and policies to the people, the introduction of advanced models, cheer generated power to unite to establish trends, build consensus and unity in society.
Secondly, information sectors should closely follow the principles and purposes; require expertise, honesty, guarantee the topicality and stick to reality; choose suitable and practical topics to write, contribute to the brand of MOLISA press agencies.
Thirdly, the press agencies, the media should strive to be a bridge between the employees and the Ministry. Journalism is on behalf of  the Ministry  to send of guidelines, policies and regimes of MOLISA to people and worker. It is also a widely forum for employees to participate in the review of policies.
Finally, the leaders of press agencies should develop a contingent of journalists about the political qualities, professional skills, creativity, encourage, create a playground for talented journalists, the main writers; care  of  livings for officials, reporters, editors; vocational training and employment linked to the labour market; join TPP and sustainable poverty reduction ..


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